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Vrijdag, 22. Maart 2019, 21:00

There is no other music worth making than music that stems from the heart. That is how FLOATSTONE feels about it. Songs well up out of the spiritual ether, unfold themselves, sometimes nearly finished, sometimes a bit at a time. And when they are whole he loves to share them with the world, preferably live. Contact with an audience is fundamental to FLOATSTONE’s voyage on the sea of music. “You actually sing about something.” So often this has been a feedback from members of the crowd after a show. Because, basically, it is not a show when FLOATSTONE plays live. It is rather the sharing of his soul, the nakedness of vulnerability, the bluntness of how he feels about existence and about the world which, all of us, give shape to, whether we want to or not.
Deeply embedded in dropping the old story of the world, in developing how to live in the gift, convinced that new stories need to be written and being a practical permaculturist, FLOATSTONE comes with the message of love, of connection.

FLOATSTONE is Brick de Bois’ (Antwerp, Belgium) musical alter ego.

FLOATSTONE defies definition, and as his style keeps evolving his audiences have been comparing him to an ever widening range of names: Joni Mitchell, Luka Bloom, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Ry Cooder, Michael Hedges, Neil Young, John Martyn, John Hiatt, Chris Whitley and, yes, Elvis. And many more, actually.
Live, FLOATSTONE plays six as well as twelve string guitar, uses many different tunings and captivates with an emotional performance of funky, ballady, rootsy, jazzy, but all highly original songs. His finger style is eclectic, often percussive, and his lyrics are oozing passion, commitment, poetry and authenticity. FLOATSTONE live is honesty in motion.



Locatie : Vereinshoes
Koperstraat 21

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